The Perfectstroke TPE is the latest putting training aid made by Perfectstroke for the serious golfer. Smaller and lighter than the original with travel bag to fit in suitcase or golf bag. 

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The most practical and scientifically 
proven golf putting aid in the world
It will help you to hole more putts and lower your scores

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Price AUD$189.50


A training aid that provides for a square clubface in relation to path, the key to hitting straighter shots. Can be used with all clubs.

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Price: AUD$69.50


SAM Puttlab is the most advance system available for analysing putting using ultrasound to measure up to 28 different variables in the putting stroke


Golf Lessons provided by Mark Officer, PGA member since 1986 and former tour player. Specialising in putting instruction and training and technology.
Lessons are conducted in Alexandria, 15 minutes south of Sydney city, five minutes from the airport.


Helps to maintain a square clubface during the swing and to maximize power developed from the hand and wrist action.

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Price: AUD$44.95

New Product

New product coming soon...

New Product

New product coming soon...

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PERFECTSTROKE™ is a golf company that specialises in the manufacture and supply of golf training aids. It also provides golf instruction services ranging from individual golf lessons, one, two and three day golf training programs to full time training courses for overseas and domestic students.

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Many of the products from PERFECTSTROKE™ including the PERFECTSTROKE™ Putting Aid and the Clubface Assistant™ are used by golf instructors and golf academies around the world. Students involved in PERFECTSTROKE™ golf programs have the opportunity to practice with and access all the golf training items available for sale on this site. This includes all the golf instruction DVDs from professionals such as David Leadbetter and Butch Harmon to training aids such as the Guideline laser putting device and Swingyde.

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